Soporte y Mantenimiento

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Support and maintenance

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Types of service offered

Maintenance: is defined as a set of operations for an equipment, in this case computer, qualifies for the purpose it was built and functioning properly and 100% during its life.
It is intended to offset the deterioration in the use, external agents or other causes. In the maintenance can be distinguished:

Corrective maintenance

Correcting defects or damage observed on request. It is apparently more economical, but only short term. In the long run it is much more profitable and productive of preventive maintenance.
Conventional strategies of “repair the damage occurs when” are no longer recommended. They were valid in the past, but now if you want to be productive you have to be aware to wait for damage to occur is incurring excessively high costs (lost production, poor quality, downtime and lost profits).
Types of corrective maintenance:

  • Immediate corrective maintenance: is that done immediately to perceive the failure and default, with the available means, intended for that purpose.
  • Deferred corrective maintenance: fault or defect to occur, a shutdown of the facility or equipment in question occurs, and later address the repair being requested means to that end.


Preventive maintenance

Designed to ensure the reliability of equipment in operation before an accident or breakdown may occur.
Preventive maintenance Computer Systems, is the review of production equipment to ensure smooth functioning of both hardware, server, computer and peripherals, and software in all its forms, and of course in telecommunications. These affect the reliable performance of the system, the integrity of the stored data and an exchange of correct data at the maximum possible speed within the optimal system configuration.
A preventive and/or planned maintenance improves productivity by up to 25%, 30% reduces maintenance costs and extends the life of machinery and equipment by up to 50%.
In the preventive maintenance we can see:

  • Scheduled Maintenance: The program being performed by revisions marked by different manufacturers, updating systems running time for workloads, space consumed disks, memory, CPU’s, etc.
  • Predictive Maintenance: the interventions made by predicting the time that the equipment will be out of service by monitoring its operation determining its evolution, and therefore the time when repairs must be done.
  • Opportunity Maintenance: es el que aprovecha las paradas o periodos de no uso de los equipos para realizar las operaciones de mantenimiento, realizando las revisiones o reparaciones necesarias para garantizar el buen funcionamiento de los equipos en el nuevo periodo de utilización.
  • Update Maintenance: whose purpose is to offset technological obsolescence, or new requirements, which at the time of construction did not exist or were not taken into account but now if they have to be.


Contained in the preventive maintenance

In the preventive and scheduled maintenance it includes a series of specific services that are performed periodically, usually every month, plus some added values that are included in the price.
These services are:

  • Review of the physical condition of computers and servers: It is found that the parts which can fail over time, such as disks, fans or power supplies are working properly and cleanliness.
  • Review of the state of the operating system installation: It verifies that the installation of operating systems have no problem that threatens the integrity of the information, also check that the machine performance is right for their potential and that no superfluous slows the computer program.
  • Backup service: A technician moves Sotesa Computer facilities and configure and verify backups of important data on servers and computers agreed. This backup is password protected and deposited in their own facilities to maintain the security and privacy of your information. Then they must outsource some of these copies regularly for safety.

Also we provide an automated backup system in the cloud security, what we call the Cloud backup, ensuring data integrity outside his office, without you having to do so, and fulfilled with 100% the Data Protection Act and all the Spanish legislation. Our Datacenter is located in Spain, where in addition, we also offer all the services of cloud computing and data storage you may need.

  • Checkout antivirus: Check that the antivirus is properly installed and updated, to prevent the entry of virus or harmful files on your computer. Computers and servers are also analyzed to verify that no memory-resident virus.
  • Phone Support: To troubleshoot configuration or operational questions by phone, when the physical presence of a technician is not required facilities.
  • Remote Support: A program of remote access to your computer, that user’s own computer is turned on and off at will, to troubleshoot Internet configuration is installed. This service works with a 256-bit encrypted through a secure environment, ensuring the privacy and security of information.
  • Monthly Repport: Of all the services, activities and incidents served in the month. Also of interest will also formulate recommendations for continuous improvement of the computer system may have some urgent and must be made at the earliest, and others will be only informative to consider and perform when desirable.


Rates of application for maintenance services

1. Corrective Maintenance: the price is agreed by hours of intervention according to its nature, that is, if it is a standard or engineering, or remote classroom time, and if with normal response time (24-48 hours) or urgent (less than 6 working hours), including the hours outside working hours. Travel costs equally pact according to which areas.

The following rates are generally established:

  • 48€ /hour for non-emergency standard services
  • 60€ /hour for non-urgent services engineering
  • 30€ /hour for standard remote services
  • 45€ /hour for remote engineering services
  • 18€ by metropolitan moves
  • 24€ for middle-distance moves
  • 30€ for greater distance moves

2. Preventive and Predictive Maintenance: A fixed number of monthly hours of intervention, programmed in time, response time, and according to the interests and convenience of all parties is agreed. All kinds of hours are included, whether they are standard or engineering, remote or face, including urgent and unforeseen outside programming, and would only be excluded after hours. Estimated travel costs are also included depending on the area.

A fee of 60-90 € / month and server is generally set according to their size and complexity, and 30 € / month per computer and peripherals, and all this leads to an estimated number of hours of service a month a number of journeys estimated based on the already scheduled visits, and also takes into account the impact