Back-up and maintenance

Keep your devices in optimum condition at all times thanks to a continued service that helps to improve your productivity.

We do not only repair computers and servers; our computer maintenance service is comprehensive. We become a part of your company in order to be able to give you advice and provide you with the best software and hardware back-up at all times, with immediate assistance provided by the best professionals.

Unlimited assistance hours

Our aim is to provide constant maintenance for all your devices, without the time required to carry it out representing any additional cost.

Home maintenance

We always work on maintenance in a preventive manner, but if there is a problem with your device, we will be there as soon as possible.

Phone service

We have a team of professionals who are at your service for any incident that may occur in your business.


We will always provide continuous training for employees, in the use of both the hardware and software needed for each project.

Initial start-up

From the beginning of our maintenance we will review all your computers and ensure they are working correctly.

Specialised technicians

Our computer technicians are specialised in the latest technologies and in all the products with which we work, both hardware and software.

Information technology consultancy

We will always perform a complete audit of your computers and your business needs so that set-up is as relevant as possible to increase productivity.


We will become another department in your company, taking care of all matters related to IT support.


We have a specialised department that will be responsible for protecting the most valuable part of your company, your information

Periodic reports

We perform periodic reports and recommendations for each of our clients.

Sale of hardware and software

We have all the IT material required for any company, always with the support of the best hardware and software brands.

Replacement computers

When necessary, Sotesa will always provide replacement computers while yours are being repaired or reviewed.

Our computer products and services are based on agility and our team’s constant attention to our customers. We provide custom-designed services according to your needs and the characteristics of each project. We seek our clients’ satisfaction and an increase in their performance, so our work methodology is demanding in all the phases of our collaboration with your company, as well as with the training of your staff, ensuring that performance and productivity improve.

It is from this point on that the true value reaches your company, when we offer you a service that ensures that it will never come to a halt. Maintenance, back-up, updating, supervision and repair where and when you need it.

Our technical experience, the human quality of our services and the opinions of our clients speak for us.